Save Today Survive Tomorrow

Ola Stepaniuk 1b

On 27th November 2015 sixteen students of I Społeczne Gimnazjum visited a boiler house in Grabowiec. The trip was organised under Save Today – Survive Tomorrow project by Mr Zbysław Zapała.
The boiler house was founded in 1996. It was one of the first environmentally friendly heating plants in Poland. It was built with the European Union subsidies. It cost 2 million zloty together with the equipment. It uses hay (biomass) which is delivered by farmers. In winter there are 4 employees and in summer there are 2. It burns 800 tonnes of hay per year. 1 bale of hay weighs 200 kilogrammes. The heat delivered by the boiler house covers an area of Grabowiec (almost 5000 inhabitants), but only the central buildings, not private houses. There are various types of machinery used to operate in the boiler house: forklift trucks, tractors, incinerators. But the most important are 2 large boilers, where the hay is put to be burnt. We can see that this is a very good, economical way of heating. With such a small change we can save our planet.